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Microsoft Pricing increases for 2022

Microsoft corporation has been applying automatic pricing increases on most of the line of their products offered under de SPLA (service provider license agreement) licensing program, at Racknation we have made a big effort to try and avoid affecting our clients with these increases, this is the reason why we did not apply price changes on 2021. However due to the considerable recent price increase applied in February 2022 combined with the 2021 pricing increases we have been forced to update all our Microsoft products pricing line starting February 18th 2022.

Please consult our support department or sales department to understand how this affects your monthly bill in case you are using any of the following products:

  • SQL Server Standard

  • SQL Server Enterprise

  • SQL Server Standard per user

  • Remote desktop connection

  • Windows Server Standard or DataCenter

  • Office Standard

  • Office Pro Plus

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